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The Independent October 26, 2016
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)

The Independent October 12, 2016
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)

The Independent September 21, 2016
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)

The Independent February 22, 2017
TableOfContents="Lost in VanWa p.5; Tobacco p.21; Travel Ban p.8; Meet the Player: Jordan Berni p.10; Sanctuary Status Declined p.12; Scholarly Baseball Team p.14; New Culinary Facility p.16; 'Urinetown' Musical p.18; Student Art in Coffee Shop…

The Independent February 1, 2017
TableOfContents="State of the College p.5; Editorial: Trump & the Press; Opinion: Trump Mirrors Chavez p.7; MLK Day & Social Activism p.9; Review: La La Land p.10; Diversity at the Golden Globes p.11; Women's March p.12; Hall of Fame Inductions p.14;…

The Independent November 16, 2016
TableOfContents="Veteran Q&A p.5; Ridgefield Campus p.6; Women's Soccer Playoffs p.7; Celebrating Indigenous Cultures p.8; Silence on Depression p.10; Enrollment Update p.12; Fall Play Preview p.14; Countdown to Basketball p.15; Performing Arts…
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