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2017 The Independent


The Independent's 2017 archived issues


This collection has volume 80 all published issues that are published during the 2017-2018 academic year.


Clark College


Clark College students

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The Independent March 14, 2018
TableOfContents="Winter Musical Review p.5; Unarmed Security p.6; New Math Track p.8; Ridgefield Campus p.10; Dreamers' Fears p.12; Kindergarten Book Drive p.14; Pizza Box Trash p.16; Signing With The Team p.19; Culinary Adjustments p.20; Sudent…

The Independent February 21, 2018
TableOfContents="Letter To The Editor p.5; Not Enough 'Hair' On Campus p.6; The Long Game p.8; 2018 Oscars Best Picture Nominees p.10; Columbia Writer's Series p.12; Enrollment Declines p.14; Adviser Shortage Hinders Student Progress p.16; Nerd Girls…

The Independent January 31, 2018
TableOfContents="Dialogues On Diversity p.5; Seasonal Affective Disorder p.6; Jazz Festival p.8; The Greatest Showman p.10; Black History Month p.12; Dental News p.14; Tim Cook p.15"

The Independent December 6, 2017
TableOfContents="Glacier Caves p.5; Security Lights p.6; Opioid Crisis p.8; Study Abroad p.10; Music Degree p.12; Domestic Violence p.14; Teaching Squares p.16; Farewell p.18; Band Finals p.19"

The Independent November 8, 2017
TableOfContents=" A View From the Bridge p.5; Art Reception p.6; Philosophy and Film p.8; Columbia Writers Series p.9; American Sign Language p.10; Wall of Fame p.12; Adjunct Instructors p.14; Humans of Clark College p.16; The Snowman p.18; Penguin…

The Independent October 18, 2017
TableOfContents="Loretta Capeheart Q&A p.5; Theater Revival p.6; Take a Knee p.7; Clark After Dark p.8; Faculty Art Biennial p.11; Halloween p.12; Volleyball Recap p.14; Opinion: Local Elections p.16; Budget Update p.18; Clark: By the Numbers p.20;…

The Independent September 27, 2017
TableOfContents="Inside the Indy p.5; Penguin Pantry p.6; Campus Map p.7; Summer Films p.8; Meet the Press p.10; Culinary Construction p.12; Nancy Abel p.13; New ASCC Officers p.14; Sports Schedule p.16; Chris Jacob p.18; Fall Play Auditions p.19"
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