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The Independent's 2018 archived issues


This collection has volume 81 all published issues that are published during the 2018-2019 academic year.


Clark College


Clark College students

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The Independent March 13, 2019
TableOfContents="Low on Laptops p.5; Nurses Giving Back p.6; Anti-Violence Grant p.7; Profile: Olivia Chambers p.8; Infant Childcare Barriers p.10; Gentrification Q&A p.12; (Flan)tastic Recipe p.14; Queer Penguins and Allies p.16; New Black Klansman…

The Independent February 20, 2019
TableOfContents="Biased Based Incident Response p.5; Peer Mentor Program p.6; Electronic Vehicle Charging Station p.7; Employee Survey Responses p.8; Students Response to Potential Strike p.10; $80k Discrimination Settlement p.12; Godspell Reimagined…

The Independent January 30, 2019
TableOfContents="Letter from the Editor p.5; Mundo Clark p.6; Game Room Closure p.7; Comics Club p.8; First BA Graduation p.10; Knight's Retirement p.12; Black History Museum p.14; MLK Memorial p.16; Honda Career Training p.17; Biggest Loser, Clark…

The Independent December 5, 2018
TableOfContents="Living with Blindness p.6; Indy Art Contest p.5; 20+ Year Gaming Club p.8; Me Too p.10; Homelessness Prevention p.13; College Business Plan Competition p.14; Bus Fare Increase p.15; Fall Sports Roundup p.16; Single Mom and Student…

The Independent October 17, 2018
TableOfContents="Argentina Trip p.5; Plastic Consumption p.6; Bias-Based Incidents p.7; Halloween p.8; Upcoming Play p.10; Classic Horror Movie Reviews p.10; New Band Director p.12; Archer Gallery p.13; ASCC p.14; Women's Soccer p.16; Eagle Creek…

The Independent September 24, 2018
TableOfContents="Letter from the Editor p.5; Tuition Resources p.6; Pitchfest p.8; Reasons to Love Clark p.10; Updating Oswald p.12; LGBT+ p.14; Clubs p.15; New Vice Presidents p.18; Saving on Textbooks p.20;"
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