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Dec.3.2014(Vol 77;4).pdf
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)

Dec.5.2018 (Vol 81;3).pdf
TableOfContents="Living with Blindness p.6; Indy Art Contest p.5; 20+ Year Gaming Club p.8; Me Too p.10; Homelessness Prevention p.13; College Business Plan Competition p.14; Bus Fare Increase p.15; Fall Sports Roundup p.16; Single Mom and Student…

Dec.12.06.2017 (Vol 80;4).pdf
TableOfContents="Glacier Caves p.5; Security Lights p.6; Opioid Crisis p.8; Study Abroad p.10; Music Degree p.12; Domestic Violence p.14; Teaching Squares p.16; Farewell p.18; Band Finals p.19"

Feb.01.2017 (Vol 79;5).pdf
TableOfContents="State of the College p.5; Editorial: Trump & the Press; Opinion: Trump Mirrors Chavez p.7; MLK Day & Social Activism p.9; Review: La La Land p.10; Diversity at the Golden Globes p.11; Women's March p.12; Hall of Fame Inductions p.14;…

Feb.17.2016(Vol 78;7).pdf
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)

Feb.18.2015(Vol 77;6).pdf
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)

Feb.20.2019 (Vol 81;5).pdf
TableOfContents="Biased Based Incident Response p.5; Peer Mentor Program p.6; Electronic Vehicle Charging Station p.7; Employee Survey Responses p.8; Students Response to Potential Strike p.10; $80k Discrimination Settlement p.12; Godspell Reimagined…

Feb.02.21.2018 (Vol 80;6).pdf
TableOfContents="Letter To The Editor p.5; Not Enough 'Hair' On Campus p.6; The Long Game p.8; 2018 Oscars Best Picture Nominees p.10; Columbia Writer's Series p.12; Enrollment Declines p.14; Adviser Shortage Hinders Student Progress p.16; Nerd Girls…

Feb.22.17 (Vol 79;6).pdf
TableOfContents="Lost in VanWa p.5; Tobacco p.21; Travel Ban p.8; Meet the Player: Jordan Berni p.10; Sanctuary Status Declined p.12; Scholarly Baseball Team p.14; New Culinary Facility p.16; 'Urinetown' Musical p.18; Student Art in Coffee Shop…

Jan.27.2016(Vol 78;6).pdf
Clark College Newspaper (Independent)
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