The Penguin's Progress 
November 20, 1959    Vol. 2 No. 9  

The Penguin's Progress Volume 2 No. 9 November 20, 1959.pdf

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The Penguin's Progress 
November 20, 1959    Vol. 2 No. 9  


Associated Students of Clark College


Associated Students of Clark College


Lewis D. Cannell Library; Clark Community College; Vancouver, Washington






United States--Washington (State)--Clark County--Vancouver

Table Of Contents

Page 1
Cigarettes Stir Ruckus Vending Machine Cause Of Smoke Controversy
OUA to Hold Movie Dance This Evening
Coffee Hour Due Monday
Penny Poetry To Be Sold On Monday
Thanksgiving Holiday Means Two Day Respite
Applied Arts Votes Decide Close Election
Pillow Play' Due Next Week
Registration Plans Set Pre-Registration Tried Starting December 1
Renewal Letters Due For Some Students
Campus Calendar
Deadline For Loans Dec. 18, Says Nelson
Page 2
Lack of New Ideas Plagues Elections
Attendance Drops At Weekly Dances
A Valuable Talk
College Press Digest
Girl of Month?
Penguin's Progress
Newly Formed Young Democrats Club Formulates Plans for Coming Year
Bible Salesman Sets All-Time Sales Record
LETTERS: Afternoon Swim Class Needed?
Junior College Group Speaks
Arnold Comic
Page 3
IRC Sets Year's Goals, Plans to Attend Model UN
Campus Chatter
Library Service Explained
Four Years Possible, But Not Probable
Harris Asks Help For Audio-Visual
Student Snoozer (Photograph)
Home Ec Classes Popular in Evening
Student Opinion Reveals Need for Enlarged Store
Page 4
Pierre's Prattle
Student Commissioners Group Discusses Campus Problems
School Directors Accept New Tennis CourtConstruction
Night Faculty Proves Varied
Parents to Receive Cultural Pamphlet
Gags & Grins
Show Biz Views: 'Quizzies' Prove Shady Industry Cleans House
Page 5
New Books In Library
Student Council Hears Gripes Of Students at Recent Meeting
Vienna Festival Report Shocks College Students
Rumpled a Fender Lately? Head South to Body Shop
Page 6
Clark Cagers (Photograph)
Department Seeks Athletic Managers
Rally ,Tree Burning To Highlight Game
Rally Squad Is Set for Action
Distance Runners End Season Today
Hoop Practice In Full Swing
Women Travel To OSC Today
Grapplers Practice For Opening Meet
Campus Comedy Comic