The Penguin's Progress October 14, 1948    Vol. 2 No. 3 

The Penguin's Progress Volume 2 No. 3 October 14, 1948.pdf

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The Penguin's Progress 
October 14, 1948    Vol. 2 No. 3 


Associated Students of Clark College


Associated Students of Clark College




Lewis D. Cannell Library; Clark Community College; Vancouver, Washington






United States--Washington (State)--Clark County--Vancouver

Table Of Contents

Page 1
Clark Choir Sent Invitation To Conference
Vet Representative Interviews GI's
Clark College Among Schools To Receive Budget Increase
Mathews Trying Deer Hunting Luck; Game Directors Outline Regulations
Nelson Eddy Presents Recital To Portland Public Tonight
Grid Date Shifted
Drama Nominees Announced by Club
Community Forum to Start Soon; Spaeth Scheduled as First Speaker
Rehearsal Started By Clark Dramatists
Veteran Center Moved From Campus
Homecoming Game, Dance to Be Held
Photo Classes Offered at Night
Thank You
Student Council Expanded to Include Assembly, Social and Public Events
Rotary Club Visits Clark, Samples Dinner Prepared In Commercial Cookery
New Chemistry Classes Planned
Red Cross Motor Corps Being Formed under Otos; More Volunteers Needed
Keys Tell All… Sherman Display Ivory Talent at Assembly:Cannell Takes It on Chin
Appointments To Positions Given Women
Page 2
Penguin's Progress News Staff
Annual Observance Is Success
College Mortality
Hunting Season Opens -- Take Care
Parking Problems
My Creed; By Gay Gregg
Friendly Girls Behind Office Desk
Penguin Patter
Who Carries Who's Books
Beware of Fire
Student Sketch
Men Beware
Survey Shows New Students Kinda Got for Clark
Page 3
AMS, AWS Choose Ticket Selling Teams for Home Grid Contests
Sophmores Take Lead in Presenting Talent Assemblies
New Trunk Line Scheduled
This Money 'Talkes" The American Way
Drama Nominees Announced by Club
Art, Home Ec., Business Departments Offer Courses for Those Interested
Former Student Visits Campus; Engagement Told
Betty J. Orchard, Jack Heiden Tell Wedding Date
Youngest Clark Student Members Of Cooperative Nursery School
Geography Teacher Experienced Traveler
Page 4
Yakima Squeezes Around Penguins As Time Runs Out
Jayvees, Varsity Scheduled Vanport
Looking Through the Sporthole
Penguins Topple Cardinals 7-6; Habegger, Terp Score
Skiing, Skating Clubs to Form
Progress Members Attend Sporty Meet
Women's Bowling Shifted
Grays harbor and Centralia Next Pigskin Attractions
Hank Raz